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What Are You Thankful For?

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I often write about what I’m thankful for throughout the year, but a holiday titled “Thanksgiving” focuses a person’s attention. I’ve spent a lot of time swaddled with thanks since last Thursday, and I don’t want to give it up. So I’m asking you to grace us with your list, understanding that lists change every day. But right now, at this moment in time, tell us what you are thankful for, big and small, long-term or fleeting. I’ll add your comments to what I am thankful for. Truly.

First, Last and Forever, I am grateful to Jim–my husband, my friend, my witness, my partner, my lover, my farmer, my never-complaining-about-the-dogs-taking-over-our-lives man. I would be lost without you.

I am thankful for the love between Maggie and Skip. One of my goals for 2020 was to find a new dog who was a good sheepdog and who got along well with Maggie. Skip and Maggie flirted like cartoon characters in a Disney movie when they first met, and played like best friends until Skip’s rude play style put Maggie off. (One of his nicknames is D___ Head because he thought body slamming Maggie was REALLY FUN!!!).

Getting them back to playing together actually took months of work (more on that soon, I promise), but now they play tug and a new game–“Run with a toy in both our mouths as long as we can.” They mouth fence and paw each other in the living room so sweetly that I half expect them to light up a cigarette when they’re done. Their love affair has brought me more joy than I can say, and I will always be thankful for it.

I am thankful for many seemingly small things, like my Sweet Pea tea cup. It’s just a thing, an object, and no doubt, clumsy as I am, it’ll break someday and life will go on. But it makes me happy and reminds me every day that true happiness is often found in appreciating the “little things.”

I am thankful for Nellie and her daughter Polly. Nellie is perhaps the most social, engaging cat I have ever known. She loves company, says hello to everyone, hangs out when we have guests outdoors, goes on walks with us, and insists on inspecting the interior of every delivery van that pulls into the driveway. (We’ve learned to do a “Nellie check” before any vehicle drives away.) I wish she could be in the house more, she would love to be. But between my allergies and Skip’s cat stalking behavior, that’s not an option. Her stunningly beautiful daughter Polly, aka Ghost Kitty, keeps her good company when we can’t, and the two of them add to our lives immeasurably.

I am thankful for flowers, and the color they provide, like this Africa Violet blooming in the living room. How is it that it has sparkles on the petals? That’s a real thing, I didn’t add anything–some of the cells on the petals are dome-shaped and scatter light. The flower sparkles in the sun like a 5 year old girl who gets to pick out her own clothes for the day. How amazing is that? It’s just one of life’s little miracles, like fireflies and bioluminescent plankton that should not go unappreciated by us mortals.

I am thankful for our flock. I love sheep, they are admirable animals–they are much tougher and smarter than believed, except by those of us who need to get them into a trailer. This is the matriarch, Lady Godiva, mother of Lady Baa and Beyonce, and a more noble and gracious ewe has never existed. Actually, I suspect that her title should be “Former Matriach.” She has been fading lately, spending time away from the flock (never a good sign). She’s had pneumonia three times in the last 6 months, and I try to split her off from the flock when I work the sheep with the dogs. I am contemplating finding her a pet home (along with Meryl Sheep, who is also very old). She deserves a good retirement, although I will be soppy mess if I send her away.

Here are two of her daughters, Lady Baa Baa and Beyonce, along with the wise and wily Meryl Sheep. Lady Baa Baa inherited her mother’s gentle, noble nature (unless protecting a lamb), but Beyonce and Meryl (middle and far right) would like to write their own scripts, thank you very much. And Beyonce gets more beautiful as she ages. Of course she does.

I could go on. But there are scones to make, emails to answer, books to review, and dogs to train. Here is my last photograph for this week, another African Violet, whose color and tenacity (it’s been blooming nonstop since February) are a symbol to me of the light and life that always exist, no matter how dark the times.

You, dear readers, have been a source of light and life for me through this grim and challenging year. I know this is a trite expression this time of year; I have recently been thanked by Walgreens for our intimate relationship. But I truly mean it. When Jim asks me when I am really going to retire, I explain that this forum is one of my villages, an important one. Many of you, and your dogs, feel like friends. (I would name you, but then I’d leave someone out and feel awful about it all week.)

So thank you for being on this journey with me. I am so very, very grateful.



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