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4 Easy Home Upgrades to Make for Your Pets

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When our homes aren’t fulfilling some of our needs, it’s common for us to consider embarking on some renovations to make the situation a bit better.

However, as important as our personal comfort is, it’s also a part of our jobs as loving dog parents to ensure our pets are just as happy and comfortable. With a little bit of research, you can find a multitude of possible projects that will allow your home to better cater to your dog’s needs. These are some fun, safety-conscious, and practical home upgrades to make for your pets.

Fun and Functional: Home Upgrades to Make for Your Pets

4 Easy Home Upgrades to Make for Your Pets

Puppy Play Areas

We love our dogs for their infectiously playful and energetic nature, so why not give them a place where they can have fun with some of their favorite toys?

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Playpens allow your dog to run freely and enjoy herself without you needing to worry about her getting lost or hurt.

The beauty of designing your own puppy play area is that you can custom-build it to match your pet’s interests. This way, she’s sure to have access to all the things she likes to play with—and none of the things she doesn’t.

Pet-Proofed Potential Hazards

Safety upgrades are also a completely feasible option for those concerned about leaving their dogs alone. There are many potential hazards in the average home, and part of having a pet in your family is taking the initiative to mitigate the risks.

Some areas to consider pet-proofing are your open heating systems, chemical supply cabinets, and any space with a lot of electrical wiring.

Bathing and Grooming Stations

Another potential home upgrade to make for your pets is a designated bathing and grooming station.

It can be difficult to get your dog onto a groomer’s table if she’s a little bit on the anxious side. As such, you can save her, as well as yourself, a lot of unnecessary stress by just bathing her at home. This way, your pet is calmer, more comfortable, and will naturally be more compliant with the process.

Best of all, you can use this time to do some bonding with your beloved family member.

Doggy Doors

Dogs love to be outdoors, but we can’t always be available to let them out whenever they want. This is why doggy doors can be the perfect home addition for pets looking to enjoy their yard.

These features are easy to install, provide unrestricted movement between the outdoors and indoors, and even come with a locking mechanism to maintain home security. As such, you can allow your dog free-range throughout the day and still keep her indoors at night or when you’re not home.

Note: a doggy door is only an option if you have a completely safe and secure outdoor area for your pet, where your constant supervision is not required. Learn more about creating a dog-friendly backyard!

4 Easy Home Upgrades to Make for Your Pets

How have you created a dog-friendly home?

These are just a few ideas for making your home a little more comfortable for your dog. I’d love to hear about home upgrades, renovations, and makeovers that have made your home a little more pet-friendly. Leave a comment below and let’s chat!

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