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The Ultimate Moving Day Checklist for Dog Owners

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The Ultimate Moving Day Checklist for Dog Owners

Moving is an exciting yet stressful experience. On the one hand, it’s thrilling to start a new adventure. Conversely, there’s so much you have to prepare for. This sentiment is especially true if you have a furry friend to worry about. Here’s the ultimate moving day checklist for dog owners. Once you passed the stressfulness of the day, you and your loyal companion can get comfortable in your new place.

Tire Them Out

There’s so much happening on moving day. People will be in and out of your place with boxes and other valuable items. Since there will be so much hustle and bustle, you must try your hardest to tire Fido out beforehand. Throw the ball around with your dog in the backyard the night before. Continue the game on the morning of, as well. Play some monkey-in-the-middle with your pup and try out a good old-fashioned game of tug of war. Hopefully, your dog will be worn out, and they’ll stay out of your way while you’re clearing things out.

Transportation Is Key

Your car will likely be packed with boxes on moving day. Dog owners, it’s not wise to let your pup have free reign of your vehicle as you’re moving from place to place. What if they make their way into one of your containers and eat your favorite high heels? Make transportation easier on both of you and put your loyal companion in a crate while moving. Owning a dog crate is incredibly beneficial, especially on moving day. Not only will a crate make transportation easier, but it’s also safer for Lassie.

Toys & Treats Are Your Friends

Dog owners must not forget how vital it is to have toys and treats with them on moving day. Your pup is likely to get excited during such a big event. It’s your responsibility as their owner to keep them distracted. One way to accomplish this goal is to provide them with an endless supply of toys and treats. Look for a contraption that combines both of these avenues to further hold your furry friend’s attention. For example, there are plenty of chew toys that allow you to put a treat inside. This will certainly keep your dog occupied as you’re packing.

Follow this moving day checklist for dog owners if you’re unsure of what to with Fido amidst all the chaos. Remember that all the craziness with be worth it once the new two of you are in your new place. Try your best to make your new house a relaxing spot for Lassie, as well. Your pup deserves to feel comfortable.

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