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5 Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day With Your Dog

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Moms. We pour our heart and soul into our kids, whether they be human children or the 4-legged variety. That’s why there is a day especially for us, although let’s be honest, we probably deserve more than one day of dedication. 

Mother’s Day is a day dedicated to celebrating moms globally and showing our appreciation and gratitude for everything our mothers do for us.

Most people think of Mother’s Day as a “human” holiday; however, there are dog moms all over the world who deserve the same level of gratitude as those with human children. I mean, we work hard, too, right?

There are many things that you, as a dog mom, can do to make this day extra special for yourself and your dog. Here are just a few ideas to help you brainstorm your perfect Mother’s Day together.

5 Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day With Your Dog

5 Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day With Your Dog

1. Go on a date

Who doesn’t love going on a date? The only caveat here is that no significant other is required. This date is solely for you and your pup!

Wondering what to do on your date with your dog? Might I suggest hitting the trails for a hike! Fresh air, the great outdoors, a million things to sniff –you and your dog will enjoy the peaceful tranquility of spending time together outside.

Not only are you getting exercise, but this is also giving you the opportunity to bond and focus a little bit more on your pup. Life can get busy, and taking a hike is a great way to slow down the craziness of everyday life and enjoy the simple things.

While on your hike, you can also pause for a special picnic for you and your dog. Be sure to pack snacks and special treats that you know your dog especially likes, such as cheese, sweet potatoes, or peanut butter!

2. Get pampered

When was the last time you got a massage, a facial, or a mani/pedi? Odds are it may have been quite a while since your last trip to the salon, especially since the start of this quarantine.

No worries! You can plan a special dog and mom spa day where you can pamper both yourself and your pup. It doesn’t have to be complicated; it simply has to be a time of fun and relaxation for you and your mutt. You both deserve it.

3. Say “cheese”!

Why not plan a photoshoot with you and your dog! You can get dressed up or stay casual, but just remember to make it fun and carefree.

Have a family member take pictures for you as you and your dog play in the backyard, or go to a park to snap a few pictures there. No matter where you do it, the memories will last you a lifetime and you will love looking back and seeing pictures of you with your favorite mutt.

4. Make a donation

Think about how much you love your dog. You can’t imagine life without her by your side, and your pup probably feels the exact same way about you.

Now, think about all the dogs in shelters who don’t have an amazing mom like you to love and show them kindness. Making a donation to help care and support these animals is a great way to help those animals feel a little loved. 

Maybe you recently lost a pet and are feeling a sense of emptiness at home. There are many dogs in shelters who would love to experience the gift of a mom’s love. Maybe for Mother’s Day it’s time to to extend your family by adopting (or fostering) a homeless pet.

5. Staycation

Life can get chaotic and as much fun as taking a vacation can be, sometimes a staycation is just as relaxing.

Consider booking a hotel room at a dog-friendly hotel and just staying in and relaxing with your pup.

If there aren’t any dog-friendly hotels near you or available, consider simply staying home, relaxing, and spending time doing the things that you enjoy. That could even include having a glass, or two or three, of wine. I’m sure your dog won’t mind!

The goal is to unwind and feel better, spending a casual day with your dog, doing only what you want to do. Now that’s the perfect Mother’s Day, if you ask me!

The possibilities for spending Mother’s Day with your dog are endless, and obviously, the choice is up to you on how you want to celebrate this special day. No matter how you decide to celebrate, remember that your dog is grateful for your love and friendship no matter what day it is! 

5 Ways to Celebrate Mother's Day With Your Dog

How will you be celebrating Mother’s Day?

I’d love to know what you have planned! Leave a comment below, or stop by my private Facebook group for dog moms and join in the conversation there!

P.S. Still looking for that perfect dog mom gift for Mother’s Day? Check out my gift guide for some super cute ideas!

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