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4 Tips For Creating Awesome Pet Portraits

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If you’ve ever scrolled through the camera of a dog mom, you’ll probably notice how much they love their mutt. Whether it’s quick snaps or funny videos, there’s something about these memories that pull on our heartstrings. 

We pet parents love our dogs, and one of the best ways to express that love is through art. If you want to create a fantastic image of your four-legged friend, you’ve come to the right place. In this quick guide, I’ll cover a few creative tips for making timeless pet portraits to cherish forever.

4 Tips For Creating Awesome Pet Portraits

4 Tips For Creating Awesome Pet Portraits

1. Playtime Photography

Take your phone snaps to the next level and master the skill of animal photography! You don’t have to be a professional to get creative with your pet portraits; all you need is a camera, basic knowledge, and a bit of patience. 

Keep your camera handy during playtime. You know that face your dog makes every time you’re playing catch? Tongue out and tail wagging, it’s pure joy! 

As with portraits of people, sometimes the most candid moments are the best to capture. Your cat’s eyes are open-wide when they’re focused on a toy, and your dog’s smile will be priceless. While they might not be the most posed and pristine, they’ll undoubtedly capture your pet’s personality. 

2. Get the Lighting Right

Your dog most likely won’t be a fan of professional lighting equipment. Luckily, the natural light of the outdoors opens up a range of creative opportunities.

If you prefer the indoors, you can take advantage of certain shadows and other fun elements around your home. 

Even if you can’t capture an image with the perfect shadows and light, you can edit your photo in post-production. There are many tools that you can use to enhance the picture and add effects and filters. Be artistic, and play around with your favorite shots. 

Don’t delete your outtakes; you might be able to manipulate them into beautiful creative artwork. With some imagination and the right editing tools, you can make collages and add fun elements like stickers. It’s best to save all of the memories you have from your fun pet photoshoot.  

4 Tips For Creating Awesome Pet Portraits

3. Let Your Dog Be the Model

In some cases, you may prefer to capture your pet when she’s calm and relaxed. Imagine her as a professional model, looking to make it to the cover of a magazine. Find her best angles. 

All pets have distinct personalities, so why not let that shine through with some clothes and accessories? Fun outfits will help you create an amazing and amusing portrait. However, some pets are more tolerant of costumes than others. 

You’ll be surprised how many pet clothes are available out there. You can find pirate costumes, tutus, and hoodies of all kinds.

If your dog doesn’t like having something on her body or around her neck, try for a hat or headband. 

Check out these tips for capturing the perfect photo of your pet!

4. Turn a Photo Into a Painting

It’s almost impossible to get your pet to sit still long enough to paint a professional portrait, although many of us would surely love a water-color or acrylic portrait framed for our homes.

If you’d like a professional artist to paint your pet, check out Instapainting to get started! They’ll ask you to send in the photo that you want them to recreate.

4 Tips For Creating Awesome Pet Portraits

Let your love for your pooch shine through in the photos you take of her. Capture the moments that you cherish and create timeless artwork.

Creative pet portraits are the perfect sentimental gift for your family. With some imagination and patience, you can have a beautiful pet portrait that will make any home a little warmer and a whole lot happier.

Do you have any pet portraits in your home?

I’d love to know if you’ve decorated your space with gorgeous pet portraits to help you remember those special times with your dog. Leave a comment below, or feel free to stop by my private Facebook group for dog moms and join in the conversation there.


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