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3 Practical Tips for Making Your RV Dog-Friendly

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Our dogs have a way of endearing themselves to us and providing one-of-a-kind companionship. It’s no wonder we want to bring them along with us, no matter where we go, and that includes traveling in an RV or camper.

But RVing itself is already a big adjustment for people; add in dogs to that equation and suddenly there are many more considerations you need to make to keep them safe and happy on the road.

Next time you’re thinking about hitting the open road with your furry friend, remember these tips for making your RV dog-friendly and comfortable for them.   

3 Practical Tips for Making Your RV Dog-Friendly

3 Practical Tips for Making Your RV Dog-Friendly

1. Keep Your Dog Secure While Driving

One of the most important ways to adapt your RV for your additional passengers is to secure them while you are at the wheel.

If your dog is allowed to freely move about the vehicle while you are driving, she can get seriously injured by sudden stops or major bumps in the road.

Your dog may also cause dangerous distractions by nudging or trying to crawl over you while you’re driving. 

Take the necessary precautions by either installing belt harnesses or bringing stable carriers to hold your pet while the RV is moving.

Note that your dog should always be with you in your vehicle as you move, not in the trailer cabin. This further ensures their protection and keeps you aware of where they are.

2. Be Aware of Temperature

Just as it’s hazardous to leave your dog in your car on a hot day, you should be aware of your RV’s internal temperatures if you’re going to leave your pet inside when you’re away.

Make sure to hook up your RV to power and have the AC system on if it is warm outside. You can use a wireless temperature monitoring device so that you can see how hot or cold it is in the RV.

Set up threshold temperature settings that will alert you immediately if they are passed, so your dog is always safe and comfortable inside the RV.

For the adventurous souls who brave cold weather with your furry companions, you will also want to have your RV connected to an electrical source when stopped so that the heat continues to run.

Also, make sure that your water systems function properly in wintry temperatures so that you can still provide your dogs with drinking water before you leave or when you return. RV tank heaters are the perfect way to keep your water tanks from becoming frozen solid and unusable.

3. Modify the Doors

While the doors of your RV alone may be just fine for you, it might not be for your dog. This is especially true for your older furry companions, who might have a harder time climbing in and out of the RV.

As such, one of the best tips for making your RV dog-friendly is to purchase a foldable ramp that you can set up whenever you stop. Look for a ramp that is lightweight and easily storable, yet strong enough to hold you and your dog’s weight at the same time.

Think about the ideal length that will create the softest incline, without becoming so long or bulky that it becomes impractical to carry with you.

3 Practical Tips for Making Your RV Dog-Friendly

If you’ve never taken your dog camping, be sure to check out this blog post with tips for making it a fun and positive experience for both of you!

Do you travel with your dog in an RV?

These are my best tips for making your RV dog-friendly. Do you travel with your dog in an RV or camper? I’d love to hear about your experience! Leave a comment below, or drop by my private Facebook group for dog moms and join in the conversation there!

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