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5 Reasons to Start a Pet Blog in 2020

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If the idea of working from home is one that makes your heart race as you imagine days spent with your dog at your feet while you work away on your computer, then keep reading! I’m going to let you in on 5 reasons to start a pet blog in 2020!

Now, before we go any further, let me just say that blogging is a marathon, not a sprint. So if you want a side hustle (or a full-time job) that’s going to produce income immediately, you should look at other options.

But trust me when I say that there is money to be made through blogging. If making a living with your blog is your long-term goal, I can show you how to get there. I just caution you not to expect miracles overnight.

With that said, let’s talk about why you should start a pet blog in 2020.

5 Reasons to Start a Pet Blog in 2020

5 Reasons to Start a Pet Blog in 2020

1. Blogging is a great creative outlet.

If you enjoy writing, blogging is an amazing creative outlet. It gives you a space to spread your wings and get your creative juices flowing, and it can be so cathartic to write a piece that you’re really proud of.

I find that writing helps to ease my stress, and as I’m creating blog content, I’m able to forget the world for a while and focus solely on the message I want to share. Besides being a wonderful creative outlet, blogging can also be a great escape.

2. It’s an easy way to share your expertise.

Are you an experienced dog owner with years of trial and error, working through all the highs and lows of living with pets? Why not share your knowledge with others through a pet blog!

Blogging is an effective way to tell your story and share your expertise with the masses. You just never know when your experience and guidance might change someone’s life.

3. Blogging is a fun way to make friends.

As a pet blogger, I’ve been fortunate enough to make some really great friends. Most of these friendships were built and exist online, honed and grown through online groups, forums, emails, and chats.

But I’ve also met quite a few of my pet blogging friends in person, and I can tell you that there is no greater bunch of people.

4. Blogging will teach you so much.

When you start a pet blog, you’re not just a writer. Instantly you become a photographer, a graphic designer, an editor, and so much more.

In 2012 when I started my blog, all I knew was that I wanted to share my love of dogs with others. I really had no other skills. I wasn’t a great photographer (still not!), and I knew nothing about graphic design.

But over the years I’ve taught myself a lot because I haven’t been afraid to experiment and take risks. Now I offer blogging, graphic design, and editing services for other bloggers.

Even if you don’t want to work with others, the skills you will learn by managing your own blog will enrich your life for sure.

5. You can make money.

As I mentioned above, most bloggers are not going to start generating a full-time income right away. It took me years, but I’ve learned a lot and my expertise, shared in this blog post series, will help you avoid the mistakes and pitfalls I encountered, to help you monetize your blog faster.

There are 4 main sources of income when it comes to blogging: ad networks, affiliate marketing, sponsored blog posts, and product sales. None of them are as daunting as they might sound, and all of them will help you make money as a blogger. We’ll talk about all of them in this blogging series over the coming weeks.

5 Reasons to Start a Pet Blog in 2020

Are you thinking about starting a pet blog?

There’s never been a better time to start blogging about pets! Let me know your thoughts below, or stop by my private Facebook group for dog moms and join in the conversation there!

Also, be sure to check back next week when I’ll show you exactly how to set up your very own pet blog!

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