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10 Things Only Dog Moms Understand

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Let’s face it, our dogs are definitely a part of our family. We would do anything for them, so when it comes to being a dog mom, there are certain things that only we understand. Keep reading below as I share 10 things only dog moms understand.

10 Things Only Dog Moms Understand

10 Things Only Dog Moms Understand

1. When your dog falls asleep on you, you can’t move until they wake up

We’ve all been there. Sitting on the couch with a blanket draped over our legs, when our pooch decides to jump on our lap and curl up into a little ball as you watch them fall asleep. Well, now you’re stuck! It could be minutes or hours, but you aren’t moving until your dog wakes up. Will someone bring me a snack, please?

2. You have countless nicknames for them 

Whether it be snuggle bug, cuddle bug, cutie, or booger butt, we all have those cringeworthy nicknames for our dogs that we don’t hesitate to call them. What’s your favorite nickname for your dog?

3. You wonder what they’re doing when you aren’t around

When that dreaded times come that you have to leave your pup to go to work, it doesn’t matter, you think about them all day and wonder what they’re doing as you sift through photos of them on your phone.

4. There are more pictures of your dog on your phone than anything else

Speaking of photos, we all have an embarrassing number of photos on our phone of our dogs, well, just being dogs! From sleeping to playing, you can find a picture of them doing just about everything on your phone. Or is that just me?!

I can’t remember the last time I took a photo of my husband. Is that a bad thing?

5. They act like they haven’t seen you in years when you do finally return home

It doesn’t matter if it’s been five hours or five minutes, there is nothing like a dog greeting you at the door when you get home. It’s something every dog mom loves, whether she admits it or not.

6. They take up more space than you on the bed

Dogs are notorious bed hogs, but it doesn’t matter, they can sprawl out across the entire bed while you barely hang onto the edge, and if they’re comfortable, you’re satisfied and that’s all that matters.

7. Everything you own is covered in dog hair

Say goodbye to the days of furless clothes and hairless furniture, because when you decide to live with a dog, all that goes out the window. You don’t even try to get the hair off your black clothes, nor do you care, because all dog moms know, it’s a hopeless cause.

8. You imitate how your dog would sound with a human voice

If you haven’t pretended to talk as your dog in a characteristic human voice, are you really even a dog mom? 

9. The puppy dogs eyes are forever irresistible 

You can have your hands full cooking, cleaning, or working, but if your dog gives you those irresistible puppy dog eyes, you stop everything to dote on them, throw them a scrap of food, or pet them. It’s just an unwritten rule of dog mom life.

10. You won’t hesitate to pick up their poop

We’ve all been there with the poop bag in our hands while we finish up the walk. And as a neighbor walks by, we wave, as the bag dangles in our other hand. Yes, we don’t think twice about picking up our dog’s poop, because, well, it’s just something that comes with being a responsible dog mom!

dog play with rope in green grass. top view

Now it’s your turn

These are a few of my favorite things that only dog moms understand. What’s your favorite? Share it with me in a comment below or stop by my private Facebook group for dog moms and join in the conversation there!

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