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And The Results Are In!

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But first …

Today is the 6th Addyversary of The Pants flying in from sunny California to make my life even more chaotic than it was before (which is sayin’ something!)

This itty bitty shitty TWIT whom I love more than anything is perpetually naughty, has a weird and twisted ongoing deathwish and is the snuggliest, cutest, most adorable thing to ever happen to me.


My plan was do a whole blog post a la … the me of yesteryears, but I have come to the conclusion that it’s pointless trying to take photos of the dogs around here because there are no lovely woodlined paths or lovely fall colours to frame them, just a bunch of dead grass. And taking them all somewhere is an exercise is SHEER FRUSTRATION. And I have only two days off a week now because I gave up dogwalking and got a “real” job that has stupid, hateful hours and The Food Lady is unaccustomed to fitting in all the things she has to do in two tiny stupid windows called “days off.” Jobs suck and I hate them. I will be forever bitter that I can’t just photograph things all day long and make a kabillion dollars doing it. Or at least a good living.

Anyway, I wish I could blog more, but it’s going to take some creative planning to get blog-worthy photos so there’s actually some content and not just me rambling on and on.


Now, the moment you have all been waiting for…


What breed(s) are they?

Are they related?

Has this question kept you up nights for the past 10 years?


So despite coming from the same area of the province, with the same date of birth, and immediately taking to one another on first meeting and being basically inseparable for a decade, DNA suggests they aren’t related.

DNA also suggests Wootie is made up largely of breeds that were apparently shrunk in the dryer prior to mating. Because I don’t know about you and where you come from, but where I come from, there are no 30lb Malamutes or Golden Retrievers.

They do share some breeds in common, including Sheltie (which I guessed) and Collie (which I also guessed) as well as Cocker and GSD (which I never a million years would have guessed) but I was VERY surprised to learn there was no Aussie in Mr. Woo AT ALL!

So … thoughts? Was it what you expected? Do you think the results are bunk? SPILL YOUR THOUGHT TANKS, B*TCHES!

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