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5 Reasons Why I Make My Bed Every Day

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When I was growing up, my mother never let my sister, brother, and me leave the house in the morning without first making our beds. This rule was non-negotiable and I never questioned that making my bed was simply part of my morning routine.

I’ve carried this routine well into my adult years, even making my bed every day of my late teens and early twenties. I didn’t even think about it; making my bed was as much a part of getting ready for the day as was brushing my teeth and eating breakfast.

Nowadays it seems many people don’t give much priority to making their bed, and in fact I’ve even heard some say that it’s a waste of time. “I’m just going to mess it up again tonight,” someone once told me when I asked why she doesn’t make her bed each day.

But bed making isn’t a waste of time, and it actually has many benefits that can make life easier. Today I’m sharing 5 reasons why I make my bed every day, and as I thought about it, I was surprised to find that I could actually come up with many others.

5 Reasons Why I Make My Bed Every Day

5 Reasons Why I Make My Bed Every Day

1. It makes me more productive.

If my bed is unmade, I am less likely to fold clean laundry (who wants to fold it on an unmade bed?) or tidy up my bedroom. The bed is the center focal point of the room and if it’s in disarray, there’s just seems to be no point in organizing or cleaning anything else in the room.

Having a freshly made bed inspires me to keep the rest of my bedroom neat and tidy, put away laundry, and just makes me feel better about the space.

2. It makes me more creative.

Clutter and disorganization drain me of all my creative juices. When things feel chaotic, it’s harder for me to concentrate and focus.

However, when my bed is made, even if I’m not even in the same room, things just feel more calm and organized and thus, I feel more creative.

Having things in their proper order is important for me to feel inspired and motivated, whether I’m working on my blog, training my dogs, or cooking for my family. 

3. It inspires me to invite guests over.

My husband and I love having company, but there’s no way we’re ever going to feel comfortable having people over to a messy home.

Having the bed made means that we can invite guests over on a whim and we don’t have to spend a lot of time tidying up before their arrival.

4. It builds character.

Let’s face it: if you don’t make your bed, most likely no one will know except you (and your family). But by developing the habit of making your bed each and every day, it builds character and teaches you to create a routine that actually has a positive impact on your day. 

When I don’t make time to make my bed, on the rare occasion that I’m running late and need to get out the door in a hurry, I will spend the entire day feeling as though things are out of order. Generally I’ll make my bed as soon as I get home, even if it’s at 5 o’clock in the evening.

5. I sleep better.

There’s nothing better than crawling into a neatly made bed at bedtime. The covers are straight, the pillows are fluffed and in their proper positions, and I’m set up for a good night’s sleep. I’d much rather turn down the covers every night before bed than have to straighten up all the blankets and pillows before retiring. 

To me, crawling into a neatly made bed after a long hard day is one of the best forms of self-care, and it doesn’t cost a penny!

5 Reasons Why I Make My Bed Every Day

Do you or Don’t you?

Taking the time to make your bed each day is a personal choice, and if you choose not to, that’s certainly your prerogative. But I’m curious: why or why not? Let me know in a comment below, or stop by my private Facebook group for dog moms and join in the conversation there!

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