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Fall Colors and Sheep, Maggie, Sheep

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A quick post today, tomorrow is my second cataract surgery so I’ll be a tad less productive for a few days. It’s been glorious the last few days; here are a few photos to share:

Here’s Maggie from last weekend after one of her sessions. The fall colors came out so fast we could almost see them change.

Some lovely color on the way home:

Here’s one on me: I was working Maggie at home just a few hours ago, and took this photo of her unable to see the sheep (see the white butts to the right of the tree?).

And then we I walked up a few more feet toward the gate on the left, exactly where she’d been looking:

Yup, trust your dog.

I like this photo of Maggie bringing the sheep to me at the gate; a rather nice shot of speckle-faced Beyonce, on the right:

After that, Maggie brought the sheep down to the barn so that I could grain the lambs. I liked the light on the flock in front of the red barn.

Two more photos of lovely textures–corn, old hay and grass in the first, Japanese Anemone seeds second.

Here’s hoping your week has a generous share of loveliness in it.

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