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Benefits of Meditation With Your Dog

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Whoever dubbed dogs “man’s best friend” didn’t take into consideration that we women feel a special kinship with our canine counterparts. We consider them our children and, as their “mothers” it’s up to us to make sure they live a long, healthy life that is full of comfort and love.

Meditation is an age-old practice of breathing rhythmically while remaining silent. The idea behind this ancient method is to be present and in the moment. When we are present it takes us out of the past and eliminates fears of the future.

More recently, people have been taking to meditating and, when you do this at home with your pets, you might notice them noticing you doing something they find interesting.

In fact, when I meditate my dogs are drawn to my yoga mat and we all just hang out in a group of silent breathing and sighing. It’s heaven, actually!

We don’t know what goes through our dog’s mind, but rest assured she isn’t feeling guilty for stealing those cookies off the counter nor is she worried about how her hips are going to look in those jeans. If dogs have anything on humans, it’s the ability to constantly be in the moment. 

Benefits of Meditation With Your Dog

Benefits of Meditation With Your Dog

Why Meditate With Your Dog?

If you incorporate your best friend into this healing practice, you will notice some wonderful differences in both of you. Meditation is a simple process that doesn’t require much thought.

Guiding your dog into meditation with you is somewhat different than it would be if you were including another human. The language barrier makes those types of directions impossible. Yet, when you start meditating you can bring your pets to you with your silence.

When they notice the change in energy, your dog will be drawn to you. And if not, you can guide your dog to your mat and sit with her while you meditate. You should notice her breathing begin to sync with yours. That’s when you know you’ve achieved meditation with your dog.

Setting the mood can help. Keep the music off or use simple drum music. Add some scents to the room with an essential oil diffuser. Most importantly, make it comfortable for both you and your dog.

Benefits of Meditation With Your Dog

A Deeper Connection

The first benefit of meditating with your dog is to strengthen the connection you have with your best friend. Since we can’t speak to our pets with a vocal language, we have to rely on other avenues, and energy is abundant if you are open to it.

When you take your breaths and sit quietly with your dog, she will feel that energy and connect hers to yours with her breath. When you do this, you will feel the bond you’ve already established strengthen and grow.

Relieve Anxiety

Many dogs get anxious too. If you’ve had a dog who tears things apart while you are gone because she has issues with separation, then you know what we mean.

Dogs can get worked up just like humans and, when you sit together quietly, you can find a common network and calm down.

They Will Help You

Some people have a difficult time with meditation because quieting their mind seems impossible to them.

For example, one woman who suffered from bipolar disorder tried meditation but couldn’t seem to get her mind to quiet down. Then she tried it with her dog. She petted him as they focused on the moment and the difference was astounding.

She realized that the rhythm of petting her dog helped her focus, which made meditation easier for her.

Benefits of Meditation With Your Dog

You Create A Safe Space

By spending this special time with your dog, you are giving her a space to feel safe. When a dog feels safe, her sense of trust grows even stronger. This benefit might be especially appealing to dog moms with rescues that are still adjusting to life in a new home.

We don’t know where our dog was before we adopted her. We can see she has trust issues, and it takes time for her to come around and feel safe and loved in a new home. 

When you spend quiet time with your dog and focus solely on your breathing, and hers, she will learn that you are a trustworthy human.

Strengthen The Bond

There is no denying that the more time you spend with your dog, the better your relationship will be. That goes for your bond with anyone, really. You probably already spend time walking your dog, playing fetch, cuddling together in front of the television or when you are reading a book.

Your dog loves to be with you. When you allow that and make room for her in your meditation activities, she will begin to attach herself to you in a way you never knew possible.

Healthy Hearts

Meditation has been proven to promote heart health in humans, according to Harvard Health Publishing, so it only stands to reason that if you can guide your dog’s breath with your own then her heart will benefit from the practice as well.

We all know how short the time is that we are given with our dogs, so if anything will help prolong their lives like a boost in heart health, then why wouldn’t you do it?

Benefits of Meditation With Your Dog


Meditation may seem like a trendy practice, but the truth is that is one of the least expensive ways to improve your mental health and outlook on life. It’s also convenient, and be done just about anywhere, and just makes you feel good. Everyone wants to feel good and that includes your dog.

Have you tried meditation with your dog?

I’d love to hear about your experience in a comment below, or stop by my private Facebook group for dog moms and join in the conversation there!

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