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Top 10 Best Cities for Renting With Pets

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Ever heard the phrase, “a dog is a human’s best friend”? More and more people are expanding their families by adding these special, loving members.

However, while as a homeowner this might be easy to do, as a renter you have to ensure your rental home will allow your pet before deciding to get one.

RENTCafé conducted an interesting study to see what it means to rent with pets around the country. They looked at how many apartment buildings are pet-friendly in each city, how much the monthly pet fees are, and what other additional costs are associated with pets. through this study they came up with the list of the 10 best US cities for renting with pets.

Top 10 Best US Cities for Renting With Pets

10 Best Cities for Renting With Pets

In what cities is it easiest to find a pet-friendly apartment?

The most pet-friendly city for renters is a St. Louis suburb called Florissant, MO. With 91% of its rental properties being pet-friendly, it offers the most options for your four-legged friend. Average monthly pet rent is fair at just $21 per pet, and most buildings allow up to 3 pets per unit.

Top 10 Best US Cities for Renting With Pets

Madison, WI and St. Louis, MO have the second highest share of pet-friendly properties at 81%; however the average rent per pet is slightly higher at $23 and $25 respectively. These areas allow a max or either 1 or 2 pets per unit, so if you don’t have a large dog family, these are
great options to consider.

Minneapolis, San Francisco, Chicago, Cincinnati, Philadelphia, and Birmingham, AL are also great options for renters with pets, with the largest share of pet-friendly apartment buildings.

What does it cost to rent with a pet?

In addition to the already hefty monthly budget you spend on your beloved mutt for food, grooming, medical care, and other needs, as a renter you must also factor in an increase to your monthly rent. RENTCafé found that pet rent can cost anywhere from $10 to $60 per month. The lowest pet rents are in Knoxville, TN with $12 per month, and in Philadelphia apartments with $13 per month.

However, be aware that Knoxville occupies merely the 45th place in the top with a share of pet-friendly rental listings of only 39%, while Philadelphia is in sixth place with a share of 75% pet-friendly apartments.

Renting with pets in the nation’s largest cities

Chicago is not just a friendly city, it’s also one of the most pet-friendly cities in the country. Dog parents living in Chi-town will be happy to know that 76% of rental properties accept pets. Average rent per month is $22 for each of the 2 pets that are accepted on average per unit.

With a large variety of rental properties to choose from and fairly low rent costs, the city is not only filled with dog parks such as Wiggly Field, but it provides a wide selection of services and boutiques to really make your pet feel like the love-deserving being that it is.

10 Best US Cities for Renting With Pets

Among the largest pet-friendly cities there is also Indianapolis, which comes in 16th place. With a 58% share of pet-friendly properties and average pet rent of $24, the pet parents in this city pay around $219 in pet deposits and/or one-time pet fees.

The city offers a variety of parks and walking trails, including the Monon Trail and Garfield Park, as well as many pet-friendly restaurants. This all makes living with pets so much easier and it widens the variety of things to do when it comes to family night.

Top 10 Best US Cities for Renting With Pets

California has two big cities near the top of the list for pet-lovers who rent their homes. Pet-friendly Los Angeles and San Francisco, 36th and 37th respectively, are ideal locations for renters living with pets.

The share of pet-friendly buildings in Los Angeles is of 60%, while pet rent is around $44 per pet. In San Francisco, 78% of rental properties are pet-friendly and monthly pet rent is around $52.

While these are among the cities with the highest pet rents, their locations make up for it. The warm weather, beach access, green spaces, and overall pet-friendly city vibes will make you and your pet feel right at home.

Before making the decision to move, it is important to be well informed about what rental options are available to you and your pup. While some are entirely pet-friendly, there are others that impose certain limitations when it comes to pets living on the property.

Usually those restrictions range from the type of pets allowed in a unit, which are encountered 31% of the time, to the breed, which represent 28% of the most common restrictions. The pet’s weight represents 10%, and 21% relating to the number of pets. Others may require that a pet be vaccinated, declawed, spayed, or neutered.

Top 10 Best US Cities for Renting With Pets

Did your city make the list?

Leave a comment to let me know where you live and what it’s like renting there with a pet. Or better yet, stop by my private Facebook group for dog moms and join in the conversation there!

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